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  • $0 / mo
  • 1 private project
  • 500 Data Units / Project
  • 50MB Data Storage
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  • Lite
  • $10 / mo
    or $100 billed yearly
  • 1 private project
  • 1,000 Data Units / Project
  • 1GB Data Storage
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  • Pro
  • $50 / mo
    or $500 billed yearly
  • 5 private projects
  • 7,500 Data Units / Project
  • 1GB Data Storage
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  • Elite
  • $100 / mo
    or $1,000 billed yearly
  • 10 private projects
  • 15,000 Data Units / Project
  • 1GB Data Storage
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Cancel at any time

Want to end your subscription? You can do so at any time. If you do cancel your subscription, you will still have access to your subscription until the end of the current billing period. Then, your subscription will end and you will no longer be charged.

What is a Data Unit?

A Data Unit is 1 customer response to a survey question or 1 cell in a spreadsheet. A Data Unit can't exceed 400 characters. The semantics of a Data Unit are a little more complicated than that. You can read about he full details here.

Do you offer discounts?

All our yearly plans provide subscribers with two months free over a regular monthly subscription. That is currently the only discount we provide.

I Need More!

Need to process more data then what's available in the Pro Tier? Contact us here for information about custom features and pricing.